SW 01–03

Brands Born 2020

With the global pandemic projects, timelines and clients themselves have all changed. 2020 gave the opportunity to focus and build companies, brands and equity in different areas of interest.

Spark Grills.
Over three years working with the founder Ben West with a myriad of identity, industrial design and brand behaviour from unboxing to community making. This will not be your first grill, but it will be the last one you ever buy. Play with fire.

Bio technology. Startup Huue.Bio by founders Michelle Zhu and Dr Tammy Hsu have created the world's most sustainable dyes for the industries that are shaping the future of the Earth. The nuance to find the balance of nature, industry and brand story became the quest culminating in the mission, vision and name of this now award winning company.

Mote is simple, mote is built for remote teaching and sharing, mote brings your personality and functionality to feedback. Did Covid shape your business plan or did opportunity enhance it. The founders of Mote came about at exactly the right time for the remote communications explosion, the name and brand inspired by the minute messages and personality of me we are using to connect, inform and feedback today.

Reigniting my passion and belief that silicon valley can help change the world, again. This incredible team of industry giants have a vision to design high performance silicon in a compute intensive world. tomorrow's silicon for the world we live in today.